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Meet Our Team

a woman posing for a picture

April Ogden

has been practicing massage therapy since 2007 and a Licensed Esthetician since 2011, with advanced certification in Micro-needling, and Chemical Peels.  Recently she obtained her Master in Reiki Certification and certification as a NeurOptimal trainer.

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Danielle Swango

has been practicing massage therapy since 2013.  She specializes in lower back and gluteal release to facilitate pain and trauma relief through a variety of massage modalities.  She also has a profound interest in contrast therapy through the use of Infrared Sauna and Cold Plunge to relieve pain and inflammation, as well as, promote overall physical and mental health.

Infrared Sauna/Cold Plunge Contrast Therapy

Infrared Sauna Therapy and Cold Plunge Therapy can be used independently or as a combined regimen to pursue optimal health.  Infrared Sauna utilizes light waves to produce heat directly in the body without heating the air around you.  It has many benefits including detoxification, muscle relaxation, pain relief, improving sleep, reducing blood pressure, and boosting immunity and heart health.  Cold Therapy or the Cold Plunge drives the nutrient rich blood to the body’s core, thus the internal organs.  Among many other benefits, it has been shown to reduce body-wide inflammation and swelling, boost injury or muscle recovery, reduce stress, improve sleep, and accelerate metabolism.  For those pursuing optimal physical and mental well-being, alternating the Infrared Sauna and the Cold Plunge has been shown to be an effective method and an indispensable regimen for achieving and maintaining optimal physical and mental wellness.